January 10, 2008

I am a Sock Knitter.

Last year was THE year in my knitting history.  I learned to knit socks.
Was it Yarn Harlot who said "The best thing about socks is that they got wore out so I can knit a new one?"  Well, that is true, but not all the time. The socks I made for my gramma had become the last one.  
She saw them, sat up from her bed and smiled, wore them and said "Oh, it's warm!" and didn't take them off all that afternoon.   She passed away 9 days after. 

I made a pair of socks for her.  In doing so, I made a sad but happy memory.  I made it just in time. Maybe I felt something and gave it a shape of a pair of socks. She went away while I was staying just 3 weeks in Japan, after a year and 7 month since last time. 

I now proudly declare that I am a Sock Knitter.  

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