January 26, 2008

"Dora's" backpack

"Dora's" backpack
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I found a backpack pattern in my friend's "knitting& crochet for babies" kind of book, and thought, "Hey, isn't it cool to have a backpack like Dora the Explorer?" Not for me, of course, for my daughter (then soon to be 2-yr old).

Great thing about crochet is it's not difficult at all make something to fit your imaged shape. What I did to original pattern are; 1) make it more square-bottomed to make pockets on sides, 2) add pockets, one plain (for Map) and one Star pocket, 3) add flap, 4) add zipper, and, 5) make it more round-topped to look like Dora's. It's almost a complete shape transformation. But I don't think I could make a backpack without any pattern to start with. I am not a person of originality. Definitely not. I am pretty good at changing details to fit my image, though. This project is my kind of a thing in that meaning.

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