October 06, 2010

Summary of this Summer

I had intended to post to this blog AT LEAST once a month. It's a shame I skipped September, and didn't noticed that until today.


I got some knittings done.
Ishbel blocked
Pattern; Ishbel by Ysolda Teague, in Whimsical Little Knits, mine is an autographed copy, gift from my dear knitting friend.
Yarn; Dainihon-KeitoUniversal HI STAR (lace weight), colorway 135, 55 g , which used be in my mother's stash and adopted by me (very happily).
I think this yarn is at least 30 years old, and surprisingly in good condition.
Needles; JP 5 (3.6 mm) 60 cm (24 in) bamboo circular needles

I made this shawl in this delicate grey yarn right as a preyer for my husband's grandmother, passed away in June (in this post). I finished it before her "49-days service" and gave it to my mother-in-law.

During the hottest-in-100-years summer this year, I could hardly touch my wools. My hands reached for some cotton, and for the first time in my life, stainless yarn.
iron scarf in progress

This test piece scarf is made from Avril stainless-silk(grey, thinner one - naturally) and cotton (pale green) yarns, double stranded. I brought it around to everywhere because the pattern is piece'o'cake-y easy and memorable, and the yarns are only one skein (small cone, actually) each. This pic was taken when I went to a baseball game with my daughter.

On the contrary to my first plan (just take a look how this stainless yarn behaves and move on to next project), this 20-stitches wide scarf took forever to knit - and actually, not yet to finish.
reason 1);The cotton yarn feels like paper, which itself is not so bad, but needs a little care to pick up with the needles.
reason 2);The stainless yarn began to tangle badly after my careless tugs at 80% progress.
reason 3);I was busy to teach sawing to my 6-years old daughter.
Amazing piece
This, is her first sawing swatch. I taught knitting before and she liked it, but holding two needles is a little bit too much for her little hands. Sawing needs only one tiny needle to manipulate. She LOVES sawing now.
During the summer break, she made several "pockets" and "mini-bags", and embroidered this bag;
Aika's bag
Aika's bag detail
See the stitches?
Blue line shows the ocean, and the yellow circle above is the sun. (by the stitch artist)
Yellow "pocket" is "to put in various small stuffs - train ticket, hair ties, and candies!"

I love this little crafter/artist in my family.

While she was at it, I made these (and the bag on pics above, for the record);
cupcake smock
A new smock, and
PrettyCureSunshine hair accessory 1
a humongous hair-accessory.
She wants to be strong and cute like Cure-Sunshine.

Now, having a couple of weeks of autumn-ly weather, I'm back to my wools. Between the meetings and organizing a seminar on 10/30 with kindergarten PTA pals, my little non-toe socks projects are being done.

Little by little, one by one, as always.

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Twisted Knitter said...

Your Ishbel is beautiful and looks as light as air - I love that you used "vintage" yarn from your mom's stash!

The stainless steel and cotton scarf looks interesting!

I love that your daughter is sewing now . . . and it looks like she might enjoy embroidery and telling a story with needle and thread. So sweet!

I hope you are well!