October 27, 2010

glove 2010 in and out

glove 2010 in and out
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This morning, the low got to 9 degree celsius here in Kyoto. I watched weather forecast last night, and hurried to finish these gloves (one had been done, and the second was just 1/3 of the palm and fingers & thumbs to be done).

Pattern; I frankensteined Annemor #11 (cuff) and NHM #10 (palm) from Selbuvotter, and Butterfly sock by Coriander like I did before.
Yarns; KnitPicks palette (pink, blue and lilac) and Patons Purple Heather (7099, yellow) in my stash.
Needles; KnitPicks Harmony DPNs, US #0

My daughter didn't wear them when she got out of the front door at 8:20. Then, on the street in front of our apartment, she realized her hands were cold. We went back home, got gloves, and her hands were warm.
For, maybe three and a half minutes.
After that, they got too warm and the gloves got pulled off and tucked in her bag.

But, I am so proud of being a knitter and stayed up extra one hour to finish them, to keep her hands warm, even only for three minutes, on the first "really cold morning" in this autumn.

My sleepiness payed off.

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Twisted Knitter said...

You're such a good mom! And I love the combination of the two patterns.