January 20, 2009

Something for myself

I have finished four pairs of socks, two pairs of fingerless mitts (Mosaic mitts for Aunt Kei is done!), one pair of Selbu style mittens, one pair of Selbu style gloves, one shawl, one cover shorts, one crochet skirt, one neckwarmer and one hat over these three month.  I'm pretty satisfied with my productivity.  Everything but my casquette is for my family and friends I love.  I am such a happy knitter surrounded by these circle of people who likes my knitting.  And all the joy of knitting, finishing them is mine.  I am the one who had fun.

Am I OK to think it's about time to knit one or two lovely stuff just for myself?

Leavened Raglan from Knits 2007 Fall issue?
brioche swatch
I did a swatch over a year ago and got yarns (Patons SWS -Soy Wool Stripes) enough for the project (or so I think).  It needs a little calculation because my yarn is thinner so this swatch is off gauge if I should follow the pattern, but I like the fabric of my swatch.  I'll simply go for a bigger size (=more stitches), but which size I should choose?  I need a sit-down time without any distraction.  I'm not bad at math at the level required to knitting, but I'm almost 40.  My brain needs to be treated nice to function OK.

Ah, but, a light but soothing knitting before that.  Because I got this little beauty from my friend.
Adriafil Knitcol
My daughter, who is surely on the right track as a knitter, said "You can make a hat with this rainbow (her term for "multi-color") yarn!" at the moment she saw it.  She may be a genius.  (Of course I had checked your pattern, Janet, but I didn't notice first this is the exact yarn you used for it.  I'm sorry, but, forgive me.  I'm almost 40.  Oh, did I just mention it?  Oh, no.)  To show her my respect as a knitter, I have to make a hat for her.  Or should I put this skein in her stash?  Hmmm.  

I'm all set for a little selfishness.  ... After ongoing pair of socks (Sockdown! January project, Clover) for my cousin, though.


Melissa said...


I am hoping that maybe you can help me?

I see that from Ravelry that you knitted Cindy Greenslade's Knotted Openwork Shawl for your mom. (You are the only project listed besides me: MikesWife--I have no photo for my project yet).

I am also trying to make it, but I think there is something wrong with the pattern. I emailed CG last week, but have not yet heard a response.

Here is my confusion:

I cast on 42 stitches as indicated.
Row 1: Purled across = 42 stitches
Row 2: Followed directions with YO and PSSO = 42 stitches
Row 3: Purled across = 42 stitches
Row 4 says: K1, *K3, YO* to last 2 stitches, K2.

If I count that, row 4 will give me 51 stitches, which I then never decrease, as the pattern starts over from Row 1. And then row 8 will increase again, etc . . . so that would not make a rectangular shawl.

Am I misunderstanding something from the pattern?

Thanks for any help you can offer! I will check your blog or you can email thru Ravelry.

Melissa said...
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O'Chica said...

OH, That's exactly where I got confused, and found a solution .... I thought I blogged about that shawl. Looks like it got slipped off my mind completely.

I'll e-mail you.

O'Chica said...

I can't believe I can't edit my own comment after posting....

Not e-mail. I'll PM you. See you on Ravelry, Melissa!

O'Chica said...

Looks like your comment was duplicated(they looked the same, and posted at the same time by the same person). I deleted one just to tidy up.