January 30, 2009


get well shawl detail 2
Pattern; Knotted Openwork Stole by Cindy Greenslade
Yarn; Handmaiden Fine Yarn Casbah Sock
Needle; US 13 Knitpicks Options 32in circ

I knit this in 4 days.  It was for my mother, who just was hospitalized to treat her heart.  Now her surgery went perfect, her kidneys decided not to go on a strike (which they did last spring, for a very short period) and she is recovered, like, 60-70 %.  She calls this shawl "That Fishnet" with sweet affection.
The yarn is very, very lovely in touch, and very, very warm (by mom's word).  One of my purchase in Canada found a destiny.

There was an error in this pattern, but I figured out the correction referring other pattern using exact the same stitch.
Maybe someday, I might make one for myself, too.

I thought I had posted about this shawl.  Thanks for reminding me that I missed it, Melissa.

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