December 18, 2008

Ode for Rug

My mother is hospitalized since last Saturday, to ..uh, get her heart fixed (this is how I explain the matter to my daughter.)  Today, my daughter and I visit her at her hospital first time.   I have to use this morning wisely, because I have too much time to rush out (visiting is limited 14:00 - 19:00), too little time not to mind the clock (it will take 1.5 hr from my house to the hospital).

While making a batch of smoothies for my daughter's breakfast, I knocked off my trusty handy blender and spilled applesause/frozen raspberry/milk mixture on the floor.  Horrible.  And there he was.
Rug.  Made from my daughter's baby clothes, cut and tied together "calamari" way in the Mason Dixon Knitting ( I coudn't find the right page to link with "calamari", but you know what I mean.)
It soaked up everything and the floor under it was almost dry.  I just threw it in the washer with several towels which also needed to get washed, hit the button, listened the sound telling me "laundry is done (only the washing part, though)" and took it to the balcony for drying.
laundry dryer
It's not common to have a laundry dryer for a household in Japan.  Except for wintertime in heavily snowed area of north-eastern part, we just don't need it. 

By the time we come home from the hospital, it will be dry and ready.  I love it.  Only this moment at this situation, I love it more than my husband.

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Twisted Knitter said...

Warm wishes for your mom and a quick recovery too!

What a great rug -- it saved the day!