December 05, 2007


Socks are done.  His is loooong because I wanted it to be "fishing socks", that means it needs to be men's size 12 1/2 boots length.  I hope I didn't make it too small.  Hers required just one skein, so I have one whole skein left for other project.
.... I HAD one whole skein until my daughter asked for "red socks."  Because she likes knee-highs,  there won't be a lot of leftovers.  OK, stripy socks in beige & red? 

This is my blocking/drying device, by the way.   Under the craft (neon-colored) plastic mesh is a wood board padded with quilt paddings , covered with the biggest piece of cloth I had at the moment, glued with wood-craft glue.  When I need to pin something for blocking, I use these mesh for a guide.  I expect a little more air circulation with them, I don't know how much they are contributing.  I could put the board out on the deck for a quick dry, but usually, it sits on the dryer or here, in the guest bath room.

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