March 11, 2013


On last post, I wrote about my daughter's grown-out-in-length jeans.  We were glad my friend gave me a clear view to my somewhat vague idea about adding a fancy tape on the post-hem line (Thanks, Janet!) and talked a bit about designs, and...
Here.  Little crochet ribbons and a heart.  From the books I bought for exactly a project like this.

Edging & Braid Variation 106 (エジングとブレード かぎ針で編む、とびきりかわいいデザイン106

Crochet Heart Pattern はじめてのかぎ針あみ ハートパターン100 
(Link to Ravelry pages.)
Heart pattern is #64 Heart Doily by Atsuko Takeda (link also to Ravelry page).

The air here is warming up these days.  One more stretch for these plain jeans.

I am finding more and more comfortable myself doing these "fancy mending" kind of work.  I knew I have an old-time set of mind, but these days, more and more so.  My age?

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