November 26, 2009

Finding Santa

I made it a promise to buy one Santa Clause ornament every year when we got our first Christmas tree (imitation) in the US. When we don't buy a tree, that is.
So far, I got
2004; a tree (~7 ft. tall, from Garden Ridge, which we said "good bye" to before moving back to Japan - it's not practical to have anything taller than my husband inside)
2005; a Santa (with cute eyes)
2006; a Santa (carrying winter sports gears)
2007; a Santa (standing in front of his house, from Santa's Workshop at Colorado)
2008; a tree (~5 ft. tall, from nearby home center)

This year is a Santa year. I visited some stores where they have Christmas trees, "box-full at 1,000 yen" kind of ornaments, colorful lights.... but found no singleton Santa. Not yet.

I will try a little harder, but, if I can't find any lone Santa in anytime soon, I'll make one. Why not? I am a knitter/crocheter.

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