April 11, 2009

knit-to-fit gloves - fits!!

knit-to-fit gloves_fits!!
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My daughter loves swings. She wants to grab the chains really well even on a cloudy, windy day because she now is hooked on standing up on a swing (unlike in the US, swings in Japanese playparks are made of hard plastics or woods, not a rubber piece. Standing up on it is pretty safe even for a 4-yr old.).
Thus, a pair of gloves.

Patterns; Graph 84 in Latvian MIttens by Lizbeth Upitis
Yarns; KnitPicks Essential (colorway; Blue Violet Multi and Gulfstream), La Primera Junmou Chu-boso (pink, colorway; 13) and Ski Yarn Fingering (colorway; 1002 - white and 1003 - black)
Needles; KnitPicks nickel plated circulars, US 0 (2.0 mm)

Latvian Mittens book is her favorite bedtime book now. She looks at every single picture in the centerfold (not folded, actually.... how can I describe it? ), talks about what to "make for mom" next, like, for my birthday or for Christmas. In her imagination, she can make a pair of mittens in five minutes or so. Or turn any pattern into "a jacket." I might be seeing a budding great knit designer.
Anyway. She wanted this pattern. In blue (original was white, with orange-ish red and green as contrast colors). I just gathered bits and pieces from my stash, making sure she likes this blue-violet variegated.

I wanted to make them fit well. I know. She will outgrow them in a flash. I'll have to fix (at least) the finger length before the first cold wind blows this autumn. Or make a new pair.

I made thumbs like fingerless mitts I made for my sister and my aunt this winter. Because it's the way I remember now by heart, and I can make them without left/right, to make it easier for my daughter to put on.

I finished them in the morning of the first warm day in this spring. It looks the weather is just getting warmer every day. My daughter wore them the day they're finished. Just one day, but it's the reward just enough for a knitting mom.

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