November 05, 2008

On historical day

Somehow, I grew up thinking that politics is dirty thing (although one of my father's cousin was a pretty famous politician in Japan).  I will never be a reader of political blog.  My adult common sense tells me I can't be uninterested in that sort of thing, but I can't keep my heart in it.  (I don't say "however hard I try", because I can't even try hard.)
I do vote.  I am a grown-up.  I do what I have to do.  Like laundry.

Yet, I know the choice made by the Americans is huge, and I feel I need to be interested in it.  My daughter's future may be there.  She was born in the US, has US passport.  Until she makes her choice on her nationality, both Japan and US can be her home country.


I don't like that "He is the ONE.  Follow him, and all will be good." atmosphere.
I don't like a skinny man.

Yet, I really, sincerely hope that the US is, and always be a great, strong and fair country.  I hope a great politician is not crushed under overhoping and overdemanding of innocent people.

And I still have a hope to see a female president of the US in my lifetime.  Go Sarah.  Hillary was a little bit of a disappointment.

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