October 03, 2008

March of Dimes

March of Dimes
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After all.

We had to say bye-bye to a lot of stuff we had in the US. Many of them went to donation, and some found a second life at my friend's. We received a little money on the course, to make things easier.

We longed to become parents for quite some time in Japan and couldn't make it, and moved to the US, and suddenly, had a beautiful, healthy daughter. We thought when we have opportunities, we would like to do something for the babies born in the US. Thus, all the proceedings of our (rather private) moving sales go to March of Dimes.

I managed to find a space for the PC desk (and our printer) last week. At last, we can print out the donation form and send a check.

I tried to hide all the personal information from the picture. Hope I did well.

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